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Washington State Legislative Branch

Last update: April 13, 2009

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  1. Legislature, Washington State
    1. Searching the Legislature
      1. Searching the Revised Code of Washington (RCW)
      2. Searching by keyword the RCW/WAC/State Register/Bills/WA State Constitution
      3. Bill Information
        1. Historical Bill Information (1991 - Present)
      4. Budgets, State
      5. Find Your Legislator
      6. History of the State Legislature
        1. Capitol Campus Photo Gallery
        2. Members of the Legislature, 1889-2005 (.pdf)
        3. Oral History Program
        4. State Constitution, Washington
          1. 1878 Text | .pdf version
            (This version never took effect because the President never signed it.
            But, was the basis for the 1889 Constitution)
          2. View online images of the original Constitution as signed in 1889
            (Also includes a Constitution written in 1878 that was never signed by the
            President. The 1878 version, though, was used as a model for the 1889 Constitution)
        5. Washington History (via the Office of the Secretary of State)
      7. Laws of Washington
        1. Revised Code of Washington (RCW)
        2. Session Laws (1997/98 - Present)
        3. Washington Administrative Code (WAC)
        4. Washington State Register (WSR)
        5. More information on state laws and agency roles
    2. Legislative Calendars,Schedules,and Agendas
    3. Reports to the Legislature
    4. Students' Page
    5. Symbols of Washington State
    6. Redistricting Commission
    7. TVW: TV Washington
      (Legislative hearings on audio and video)

  1. Code Reviser, Washington State Office of the
  2. House of Representatives, Washington State
    1. Searching House
      1. House Members by District
        1. Thurston County
          1. Alexander, Gary. House of Representatives 20th District
          2. Campbell, Tom. House of Representatives 2nd District
          3. DeBolt, Richard. House of Representatives 20th District
          4. Finn, Fred. House of Representatives 35th District
          5. Haigh, Kathy. House of Representatives 35th District
          6. Hunt, Sam. House of Representatives 22nd District
          7. McCune, Jim. House of Representatives 2nd District
          8. Williams, Brendan. House of Representatives 22nd District
      2. House Members by Name
    2. House Committees
    3. House Daily Journal (2005 - Present)
    4. Page and Intern Program
  3. Institute for Public Policy, Washington State (WSIPP)
  1. Joint Administrative Roles Review Committee (JAARC)
  2. Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC)
    (formerly the Legislative Budget Committee)
    1. Audit and Study Reports (1995 - Present)
  3. Joint Transportation Committee (JTC)
    [formerly Legislative Transportation Committee (LTC)]
  4. Legislative Ethics Board
  5. Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program (LEAP)
  6. Visit the Capitol
  7. Visiting the Legislature
    1. Glossary of Legislative Terms
    2. How a Bill Becomes a Law
    3. How to Read a Bill (.pdf)
  8. Senate
    1. Bill Information
    2. Senators, Roster of
      1. Thurston County
        1. Becker, Randi -- 2nd District
        2. Fraser, Karen. Senate -- 22nd District
        3. Sheldon, Tim. Senate -- 35th District
        4. Swecker, Dan. Senate -- 20th District
    3. Senate Committees
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